Dreamteam Season 2

Whose rules do we follow in this??
what rules do you need Special K ?
Pick your team from the sun dreamteam website. Im gonna send you the pin to join the league.
I will let you know about transfer windows throughout the season and you will get regular emails from the sun to tell you when they are as well.
If we get 10 players the top 3 prices are:
1st £100
2nd £60
3rd 40
Our generous sponsors spoil us all with gifts at the end....................(y)
anything else just ask of PM me, the rest of the lads will keep you right as well................:hola:
Cheers fellas, 'the sun' was the answer I was looking for. I know different papers etc have different points awarded for different things.....
Not done this in about 15 year!!
Dreamteam Season 2
My prediction is ....we will still be waiting for some goodies from the tpf owner.:mad:
Mugs, pint glasses etc etc.....thank fook for the sponsors.:numberone: knauff,speedyskimmy, ryan onestop.....
@Arti still cant broker a deal wiv you:crying:
Speaking of Knauf. Av not seen Uncle Richard on here for a while. He must know it's dreamteam season.@RunsWithScissors As for @Danny he's to busy titting about with his toy car to sort our prizes oot. Still waiting for gear from season 1 :mad:
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