Dose Any One got a lot of work on??

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enough for me mate, wouldnt like to think i had an army of lads wanting paying though
get out there and look,
instead of begging others. if lads have a lot of work on,theyve earnt it and there going to want it for themselves
and theres plenty in 'the' Yorkshire.
I think P Clamp plastering in yorkshire has loads on, give him a bell
Yes it;s ok this year should be able to put a little away for the winter months hope you find something soon.
been steady recently nothing fantastic but working, then got just 2 phone calls which has led to approx 8 weeks work, and now smaller jobs are coming in ,currently working 7 days a week, but i am under no illusions , it is bad out there but all you need is just 1 phone call and you are away, keep smiling hawes, eventually it does come through.
Its steady as she goes up the toon at minute with graft...........just pleased i dont have much rendering on with all this rain..............
Busy busy in 'the yorkshire'.

As already said...I'm under no illusions tho. Could dry up at any time.
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