diesel pump


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Looks mint, good buy for someone. How easy are diesels to setup and run compared to electric machines?


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What's it cost in diesel

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Depends how long your spraying for. A full day spraying with s@c less than €10. If anyone is thinking of getting in to machine rendering I'd be going to have a look at the machine above. U can't get a better plastering machine then a diesel plastering machine. Just plug and play no bullshit that comes with the electric machines.


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Pros and cons of Each I guess,
I have/regularly use both, electric and diesel,
I actually owned a v2 bought new that I got rid of last year due to me having another diesel, and just didn't need them both.About a fiver a day in red diesel to run.


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I can see how it would be handy to have a small machine for some jobs. I could have did with one on 3 jobs this year. But there wasn't that much in them tbh. Diesel machines are king.