Dewalt mixer issue

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Mike googlebottom

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What on the off chance it might go wrong......anything can break/go wrong.
Ye but there double the cost..its a battery,there not going to mix 1000s of bags and I bet the battery are expensive..I bought 2 4 amp senco bats a while back cost a bomb so god knows how much there will cost


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All lithium ion batteries have an expected life span of 2-3years. I got this from the website of a big tool supply company. Obviously they'll last longer as a rule, but at reduced efficiency.
One of our Hilti batteries completely died after five years so that was really good going.


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Lucky you . I'm rendering atm artwork till plots are ready :aburrido:

last bits on this while trying to do that shitty renovation I posted about

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Looks a top job to be on were on this in alderley edge Cheshire 1.5 million pound penthouse. Nowhere near worth that sort of ££