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Hello fellas

I have just been to visit my mate in london to see his new house. He has had a bit of work done to it and I was concerned when he showed me the damp proofing.

The front corner and the back corner of the house had showed signs of damp. A damp proofing company came in and said it was rising damp. They knocked off roughly 2 M2 from each corner, injected just that area then re-plastered it.
They dug out some of the ground outside where the affected area would be and put in pea shingle.

When I was looking at his newly decorated room it looked like there was damp coming through about a metre away from where the treatment had been done.

Has this job been done correctly or is the damp just now moving to a new area?

He paid £2000 for the work to be carried out.

Cheers for any input
The wall will still be drying out. it takes roughly 1 month per inch thickness of wall to dry out. If he used a vinyl paint to decorate thats not going to let the moisture come out the wall either.
the area that is damp is not the area that was treated. The only area that was injected was in the corners. I thought that surely the damp will just move along the wall. I think he has been done but I couldnt say for sure as im not the expert.
Damp can travel when part of a wall has been treated but difficult to comment on it without seeing first hand, to many contributing factors could be the cause.
if the area that is damp has not been treated.as you said then.how can a dpc work.if you treat the bit that is not damp.
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