damp proofing

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Hi lads. Hope someone can help me out here.

Ive done loads of rendering around bay windows over the years to cure rising/penetrating damp
and bridged damp courses but this one has me puzzled.
Years ago the owners removed the skirting and plastered to the floor with bonding. Obviously
this area became damp but the rest of the wall was ok. as she was selling the house i said u may aswell
re render the bay. I put a scratch coat of s+c with sika1 on, the following day a floating coat of s+c
with normal sika waterproofer, couple of days later skimmed it. 2 weeks later i go back to brush off
the efflorescence and find the skim is still black- occupied house with heating on!! The damp is now worse
than it ever was. Rang sika- they blame the sand,the cement, using multi, my belle mixer, application methods- everything but their product. Any ideas to the cause lads???? Thanks
Washed sand ? ie no salt ?
It's in a block of flats. It's up to the 12th floor now. I may get the guy on the 13th floor to sort out his toilet overflow pipe. Havnt got a clue wots causing the problem
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