damp issue

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I have a job to refinish the walls in a passageway between two old stone walled houses which is covered. One side is sand and cement and fine, the other is flaky and posssibly lime rendered. I am tempted to liquid dpm the wall and sand and cement it. My worry is that by sealing the outside I may push any damp to emerge inside the house.

Be really grateful for any ideas.

i would think you would have to replace the lime render with lime render marra. Plus injecting stone is a ball ache and tends to do little to prevent damp coming back. cant u hack it all back and build a stud wall infront of the existing. membrane, insulation, board & skim?? or are you tight on width in the corridor??
Thanks for that. I did toy with that idea but the damn thing is narrow as it is. I am thinking the chop it off and go with the lime marra.
Sounds like your limited with options............hacking it off it might have to be marra................:RpS_thumbup:
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