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God knows the actual name of the stuff, but has anyone used this stuff, can't see how you can Dab with some kind of foam.
I have seen it advertised in vaious places i think screwfix sell it or did but never even read the bumf cos expanding foam and boards just didn't sound right to me !
Sticks like **** will stick boards no bother. Try getting them off and you'll remove the bricks
I'm pretty sure someone put the advert up as a link on here a while ago,it doesn't expand like the regular foam.it states minimal expansion when applied,if the walls are plumb then it might be worth giving it a go,but have addy ready to mix up as well just in case.
It's called Dryfix foam by Everbuild. I had to take some reveals off on Friday that were stuck on with it and it took the skim off and I was back at the scratch coat. The problem with it is that when dabbing full boards you need to hold the boards in place until the foam has stopped expanding and properly set, which is only 10-15 mins, otherwise you end up with steps in the joints. When i've used it, I have put in a few screws/plugs to keep the board where I want it.
The stuff is good for small areas and for sticking to painted surfaces. That's about it.
Its fewkin garbage...............if ya wall is out of plumb more than a couple of mm its shite cos you can build it out like you can with dab............

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just came across this n yes its ******* shite cant build out with it and you have to stand there hold the board in place for **** nos how long until it stops expanding
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