Currriers skimming vid

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Sat at home because I haven't got any work on until Monday, watching Blones videos on utube then spray skimming from one of our members who's persevered and looks like he's won, good on you Currier and your Dad for sticking with it! Do you want to talk about the water switch or are you over it? Looks like your spraying with the onboard compressor, is this correct? I was well impressed.
Yes the compressor is on board. I've only ever ran the machine without the water turned on twice. Once when I was cleaning out which killed a stator. The other just jammed the machine no biggy just cleaned out in 10 mins.Thanks for this post it good to hear positive feed back on what we are doing.
have to say if i had the skim work i would have loved to have persevered with it. iv always said i think spraying skim has a use and fair play currier for giving it a good go. in a couple of years there will be a lot more guys doing it.
That speedskim looked good on the spray finish not sure about on the CPI H Section for me but i would give it a try.
thats what I was thinking. Isn't that speedskim just the same as a straight edge :confused:

It looks good on the finish if you have plumb and square p boarding which is NIET always goood, but on render ?
Its is H sectioned first. We use the Speedskim instead of a float prior to rubbing up. Works a treat and gets it flat as a pancake. Its is like a plastic straight edge but for some reason the plastic just works on CPI
Yes it is flexible thats why you cant rule up with it. A proper straight edge is needed for that, but its great for opening the surface prior to sponging :RpS_thumbsup:
Cool it may not be something everyone wants to do but it works ok for us. Does kill it though you can never use it on skin again, so be warned!
Nice vids mate,it seems the way forward for doing large areas on site etc.not much good for me doing mrs jones ceiling though:RpS_crying:
lightweight?? more like a girl! drinking carling yak!!! our lass wont even drink that shite:razz:
The hangover I get is minimul when scooping easy beer. Gimme 3-4 stellios and I'm in bed till 3 wasting my time off. A fwakin typhoon won't move me.
no mate i was at a mates in cheshunt the p**i shop did it so i bought some went down a treat,i lookd at them home brewing kits fancy doin it meself but not sure if i have the space
Well if I can join the bellendery.....this is the machine section and daft newbie comments however unintentional are bound too ruffle a few old timers feathers lol. What your basically saying is you don't think youll be investing in a JCB to help build your sand Ok then umm thanks?
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