after rendering a stone wall which had been unibonded first for key (not exposed to the weather)how long for it to cure as after a week its still quite soft and powdery,mix was 4-1 with waterproofer,thanks
no it didnt dry out to fast,and building sand was used,its been hosed down now over the last 2 days so going back to check it tomorrow
Building sand??
Should be washed sand/plastering sand or sharp sand if you want to be old school.
Dont use multicem either. Just good old portland cement.
I'm thinking too much plasticisers as well. It's dedicated. Watering it might work but depends if it had any water left. If it was too dry the reaction won't restart. You cab use low viscosity epoxies or lithurin type materials to harden it so depends how big a job it is as to what they would cist and whether it's cheaper just to take it off and start again.