cracking plaster


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I wanted to remove wallpaper and have plaster and paint on 1950's house - but this in the top floor everywhere, its cracking very easily upon removing paper.

Any ideas what is this?
I guess its lime but whats the thin layer cracking very easily on top of it?

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Anyone could help me out, by just telling me what it is?

(yes, I tried builders/plasterers but they are too busy in our area, only 1 guy told me next week MAYBE he'll take a look)

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Possibly a repair years ago with some unusual product that has failed on them after the cheque cleared


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Probably Siraphite, the finishing plaster of its day. Wall paper steamers blow it off quite often, sometimes it's just lost its bond. You could patch small areas with Easifill and sandpaper, larger areas are a reskim - by a professional plasterer - you have been warned.

Back to basics scraper and sponge, maybe a very light steeamer might save your walls, or might not.


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Thank you Monkey and Brimstone.

It's not a patch, whole wall is like that, but for the second look it's actually not that bad, it looks solid where I didn't forcibly remove the wallpaper. This area is only around 4-6 inches behind a door, I'll patch (either easifill or 2xpva/bond/finish) add lining paper and paint that.

Thanks again.