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Hardly any coving done in our area, only a couple of merchants stock it. Did some today and noticed the siniat adhesive was a year out of date! Got some BG from brewers and was good stuff sets in 45mins.
Some cove adhesive is board adhesive in a different bag flogged for sticking coving.
BG stuff is best. Probably the only one that will stick to emulsion I've found.
I always sealed surface to help coving stick and never had a problem.
I always sealed cut joints and blobbed with adhesive and never got a cracked joint.

Re paper.
White paper on coving is a bit naff. Damp sponge can soon damage surface paper when cleaning.
Covings wank full stop ! Believe me, I've done loads of it, in the past !
Just F*****g hate the stuff, I hope it goes the way off woodchip ........ gone for good ! :)
The good thing about lightweight stuff. You can get it the night before and put it on top of the van and it doesn't matter if it rains .