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So in the eyes of bg who’s the priority supply wise will Wickes bnq ect get stock before likes of jewsons travis or reverse? Is it more to do with who’s botty washing the bested?
I rang TP today and they didn’t know when there delivery is coming
Looks like our trade has been demoted to diy only


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Digging out a patio this week 4m square it’s bloody hard work in this blistering weather but at least I’m working on my own
Stone is being delivered tomorrow no shortage on this material might change trade
In wickes today and not a smidge of plaster in there, no idea when the next load is coming either. I’m very lucky how my work has fallen, between render, lime and pink I’ve kept busy mostly. Self employed have been left to fend for themselves though, with some help only just coming through. Things really need shaken up after this s**t show..

B and q mk 5 mins ago

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5 bags at travis.this week with account. Promise of more in a weeks time. .5 per dude.only adhesive or hardwall or bonding at the moment. Hyde Manchester.