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Hi, has anyone got any advise/tips on running a cornice in situ? Read that I need a zinc plated piece of metal (muffel) just want to know if there is anywhere to get something like that made to the profile needed?
Had some building work done in the livingroom that made a mess of a section, so I want to have a practice in a small room first.
There are 2 sections about 1m each. It isn't a large cornice, I mean overly detailed, sort of three lines on the ceiling and two on the wall. At some point in the future a stud wall will be removed and I'll have a 4m stretch to tinker with. Just fancied having a go in a small bedroom first that needs ripping out and sorting out. House is a bit battered.
Hi nomnom, you need to get the detail of the cornice, that you have in your house, then trace that onto the zink, then make urself what is called a horse and using the horse u can run this along where the repairs need to be made, if its a straight run then using a straight bit of batton screwed to the wall , u can run it pretty straight

hope this helps you out, definitely give it a go
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