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Burt Reynolds

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I'm using Metabo at the moment and I'm very impressed it mixed up 8 bags of skim and bag of hardwall no problem today


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Had DeWalt coming up a year no problems I'm just a lazy f**k*r that forgets to charge batteries sometimes so megamixer comes back out but nice to have um both in the van (y) megamixer probably 15 years old so be nice to see if I could say that about the default:LOL: hopefully retired by then lol.


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Dewalt is good, mixed up everything with that, need to make sure you don’t pour too much powder and just steadily add the powder, don’t want to burn out the drill mixing stiff gear up.
So they are no good if you need to mix stiff basecoat etc

John j

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Lol just because I don't post every job I do doesn't mean I am not using it...

I mixed a load of sand and cement up with it :)
Did you put it in your cordless mixer car. Lol

Send it to me I think me mega mixers about to give up ghost