Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Is In Tatters

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The management of the leading construction skills card scheme is in crisis after revelations of card fraud.

This news has left safety managers questioning the credibility of the entire Construction Skills Certification Scheme, a.k.a. CSCS and this has put the whole scheme in tatters.

Ah seems about time to roll something new out ,they probly had some idiot trained by an idiot who studied for six years at the technical idiots college come up with another idea to cost all site workers a small fortune and a load of hassle !!! Glad I only do domestics ....
I think it is all down to common sense as well and feel it is a tax on the tradesman and to be bruttally honest I think its more dangerous for some to not be able to shout "Look out" in damn english!!!
I feel safer at work than I do travelling there and back.......roads have got far to busy.
I understand a cscs for lads under 18.........most of this was made up because of insurance reasons.
Sounds like a right scam.In Ireland all you need is a safe pass,and very rarely a manual handling cert.The safe pass is to educate on health and safety.Most jobs I'm on the scaffolding is a death trap and I'm not joking.Another interesting point is that farmers are required to have a safe pass in Ireland and very few do even though there is more deaths on farms than construction in the last couple of years.
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