concret floor DPM failed, walls damp, best fix?

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hi guys,

i do a fair bit of damp proof work for local companies but always tend to shy away from taking on my own jobs even though i pretty much know the methods used, as they have the certificates and gaurentees which i dont.

but i looked at a friends house this evening that he just bought and survay brought up damp! so i checked it out and it is indeed soaked through out tbh, im 100% sure its coming from very old concret floors in the main rooms, DPM may have failed or be non exsisting.

i can treat the walls no problems but what do i do about the floor?? are there silicon/epoxy based latex i can use to just go over it for a barrier?

iv used tanking blackjack in basements befor but not keen on it as a product to hold back the damp.
does anyone have any good knoledge they could share ,tips ,advise please.

worst case, rip floors up and dpm and new floors, but he is skint after buying the house, so im looking for differant ways. :)

many thanks guys(sorry if in wrong section, dont know where to put damp talk)

black jack ....very 1979 !

to be honest whatever the finacial situation its best to rip it up
and start again ....building regs for that also..
Tank it with a cement based system then top with self Leveling compound to protect, male sure you extend the tanking 150 mm up the surrounding wall
cheers for advise guys, im looking for the most cost effective as my mates skint but i does need doing properly so its sealed. been looking into these epoxy resin systems, like stopgap F75-76 . might give them a call and see how the product can be garenteed, as id hate to do it cheaper for him but have to rip it back up if it failed.

so assuming the floor doesnt turn into a swimming pool after the walls have been treated you guys recon i could get away with sealing the floor, not ripping it up, coz that would be grand!

i wonder if i could get a company in to use this stuff that garentee the work/product....

and do the walls myself.
You would need to way up the costs involved if your getting someone else into do it against ripping it up or floating floor etc
My neighbour had a similar issue, when we dug the screed out a central heating pipe had been leaking, probably from day 1.
there is one huge spot where the concret has popped, so could well be a pipe.... i think further investigation is needed lol

thanks artisan, ill advise him with options and try work out some costs, i could do it all cheaper for him for mates rates but on a product im not firmiliar with and suppose to hold back damp/tank, id want some kind of garentte with that. the walls arnt a problem, i do those all the time.

ill give f.ball and co a call about this expoxy system and chat with some damper mates about the tanking idea also sujested.

thanks guys
Well tank the floor with 2 coats, patch the boxy bits with sbr mortar.

Then put a good self leveler over it and maybe hardboard aswell.

Best way is to rip it out but if money is tight try that, make sure you use a sbr slurry to bind the tanking to the old floor.
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