Competitions a route to future business success

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…say parents and teachers as Team UK announced for WorldSkills Sao Paulo 2015
New research reveals that parents and teachers view competitive activities as key to young people’s successful career development as Team UK announced for WorldSkills São Paulo 2015

  • More than nine in ten parents and teachers think it is important for all children to experience competition during their education
  • 85% of those questioned think children who have no experience of competition will be in for a rude awakening when entering the world of work
  • 94% agree that the experience of winning or losing during education prepares young people for later life
  • Robert Johnson, 22 from Middlesbrough, to represent the UK in Plastering and Dry Wall Systems at WorldSkills São Paulo 2015
Thanks for this post Dan - follow me on my journey on my Twitter @bobjohnson0 and Facebook Rob johnson as I go to Brazil São Paulo to represent the UK it bring home the gold.

Can you start a thread on teh forum and keep that updated as well? I will try and keep it updated as well with the info I get sent as well :)
Not open for further replies.