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hi all i have been looking for some time now for machines and i am not sure what would be best for me :confused: or if it would really be worth it !
so here go's
my work is varied from domestic skims ,external rendering to new builds,barn conversions and refurbs ,and good size extensions .We use a fair bit of hardwall and sand and cement render internal/external .
was looking at the m tec flotti for hardwall as this could be a handy machine,but think my money could be better spent on something more versatile .
can anyone tell me what a pft swing m is?
The swing is conveying pump. you must mix the material first then put it in the pump. The PFT Ritmo is the machine you want. a small investment, small machine that mixes the materials you mentioned and spray them in one operation. Available 110v or 230v. The machine is extremely versatile, can fit in an estate car and set up to work in less than 15 minutes. Its the best selling plastering machine in the UK
when you say it sprays render do you mean weber ocr and stuff like that ,most of my clients will not pay extra for the new bagged renders so i have not had a chance to use them although i would like to as my arms are getting tired these days and need to preserve them
Your extra productivity will cover the extra material cost. It's also better, fast and cleaner. If you offer coloured mono it works out cheaper then them having to also get a Painter in. Why do you think all large sites are monoed?
yes currie i can understand why large sites use it and wish more small building firms would,but as for extra productivity will cover the extra material cost how many meters before it does? if you have big sites then yeah but that is long runs of work and a lot of m2.
i do want a machine to have a crack at but just not sure if i would get to use it enough
once you use a machine you will find the work for it . it is the way forward for you
I would agree with that, when I got my first ritmo I didn't have any work or need for it, the main reason for purchase was tax relief. We now have two that we use most weeks.
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