claymans Japanese trowels

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Mmmmmmm I'm getting a sort of hollow feeling I suppose a girl would have after she,s performed a threesome because she believed the boys when they said it was a good idea!
haha youll be alright boy there pukka for that final wet pass but little tip for you play about with how you weight the trowel obviously as the handels right at the back of the blade like today for instance i had to adjust my hand up the handle by 2 fingers to keep it even but it worked a treat and once you are used to it its lovley to use
nice isnt it, all spreads in our firm have switched to them now just for the final trowel and there prefect on curves internal and external there nice for an early flatten aswell
OMG OMG I,ve only been and gone and done it.
I,ve bought the Honyaki Sweden 0.3mm . It came to £48 inc delivery. I'm getting a hard on already

Oh yes , used it today on a small hallway ceiling. Like spreading soft butter. Now my prized possession.
Couldn't get on with it, too flexy. Now on ebay . search "japanese plastering trowel"
It was all going so well too Rocky!
Sell it to clayman .:RpS_wink:
very different to my one mines not got any rivits and the tang down the blade is about inch and a half wide but flat
I chose a very thin and flexible trowel at 11" long,ok for application of smaller areas and first flatten but no real backbone for compressing or straightening out around obstacles or corners. I found i was using 2 trowels changing from 1 to the other. A stiffer model would have been better in hindsight but buying blind it was an expensive experiment.Certainly was an object of wonder on jobs though.
good for curves external or internal and the final trowel we use them as a finishing trowel really
Look at the gold dragon it looks like it should be on a mantle piece along side your collection of samuri swords with its carved blade! Bet it would be a git to keep clean,but I do like the idea of turning up on a job n pulling it out of the bag as it goes sssshhhhiiiinnng and then making hayaaaas on every stroke and whhhhoyaaas on raked ceilings :RpS_w00t:
Since I've been on here I've got me self a speed skim which is the dogs. Next I was gonna get a s*p*r*lex but one of my guys has bought a plastic one ( I was gonna go for the steel ) and now these!!!! Think my heads gonna explode trying to make up my mind which to try first! And to think I used to be perfectly happy just using a 14" Marshall town!

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You only need a marshaltown, if you cant get a good finish with this, and you have to use all these gismos, ( 1st coat steel, speedskim down, 2nd coat steel, flatten with a jap trowel, then finish with a plastic trowel ) then you should pack in and become a
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