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who is using chop saws on a regular basis?

I want some buying advice - looking at them on the net there seem to be metal cutting and joiners type - surely they all do the same depending on the blade
john im guessing you mean for the tracks for EWI? you can buy an chippys evolution chop saw that will cut metal too. that way you can get your 45s too.
Right see I looked at them and the main difference i can see is the "metal" ones seem to have a square base and the joiners look like a disc base - guessing they do more like you say mitres etc.

I want it for metsec etc
If its just for metsec I use my Mikita drop saw, think they are called metal cut off saw and they don't do mitres and have the fibre blades. IMO these are best for this sort of work as they are heavy duty and the evo stuff will just need re calibrating after cutting runs of metsec. Mine cost me 110 about 10 years ago and it's still going strong.
Chop saws usually just cross cut ernie
The carpenters one adjusts for compound mitres,it hey pull out for deeper wood blah dee blah bla
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