Cheeky customer


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So a customer got me to quote a job about 8 weeks back. I arrived and alarm bells started to ring. Some rooms had been done and done well, I asked why they were looking for someone else and was met with an awkward look. Then the husband walked in. Didn’t know if he wanted a quote or a victim tbh, very odd guy. Did the quote and they said they wanted to wait
A while.(I knew this was thanks but no thanks) she calls again after 3 weeks asking for me
To quote another room to do first. I
Say yes and the following day i
Get a rude message demanding my quote then
And there. I didn’t bite and sent the following day. She messages today asking for an amended quote to not include boarding. I do so and the cheeky cow starts trying to haggle offering £400 less.
I’m the worlds most chilled out person but I now bit, telling her I quote what I’m worth and how dare she insult me repeatedly and to get someone else. Her response was
“But your only plastering”
f**k**g cheek of the woman, why do some people think it’s ok to start haggling


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quoted a customer for a job, i said to him as i say to everybody, think about it/talk it over,
2 days later he gives me the go ahead,
got job done,
come to pay me, and he starts complaining about the cost, and he had been telling his pals in the pub , what i had charged,
i said to him
did you tell your pals in the pub , that i came out and gave you a free estimate, no problem etc,
err no he said,
well i came out, gave you a free estimate, i can not physically do any more then that, whether i charge a
£100.00 or £1,000.00
i can not do any more then that,
he reluctanetly paid up


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i did a job through a builder who was relatively new to the game ....
the customer was an oversees accountant flying here there and every where
i priced the job turned up on time and finished on time but because i made more money per hour than the builder he saw his f8cking arse and said he wouldnt give me any more work ,
my reply was " im not a f8cking chariity , my work is to satisfaction and the customer is more than happy just because you cant make money from me it aint my problem and i dont work satuardays to be slated by people who want to brag about having tradesmen working for them making money whilst sipping a spritzer at the local squash club".....s**t happens...