Check your nuts


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Just checked mine . All present and correct .which is good as it means the wheels on the Beader mobile will not fall off tomorrow.


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The key is to DO something if you find lumps.
My pal found something there and was too scared to go to the docs in case it was cancer!

It was cancer.

He had to have em whipped off. And they do it through your stomach

Hes fine now but the cancer had started crawling up his tubes and spreading. JUST caught it in time.


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Yeah joking aside, they should be checked. I found something and started worrying like mad. Only 2 months ago too.. turns out it was nothing to worry about. Can be a vast number of things and honestly, check them .


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When I was 16 my boyfriend found a lump there...told me he got home from school and his mum had a priest there ready to pray for him and he was like, what the f**k?!

He was fine