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How much should I be looking to pay for a ceiling to be skimmed. The ceiling is 21 square meters
and about 9 foot high. The ceiling has just been boarded and the room is in the middle of a complete
refurb so no carpets or things to keep clean to worry about. The job will be in London E4 region near Chingford
if I decide to go ahead.

des511 said:
Parking right outside the door. Thanks for your replys and I will have a think.
How many time have you heard that one this years eh lad's, or "i'll just have to ask our lass when she comes in, she holds the purse strings" ::) ::)
Nothing to do with the purse strings, its just that I want to search the pockets of the trousers
that she wears in the house ;)
£200 all day in London.I,ve been getting under cut on £150 on some jobs and I'm no monkey and i ain't polish.I was offered to price a refurb and the builder offered me to do it on a day rate for £80 a day.I politely declined his offer and he then said he could keep me busy for the next 5 years.lol nice one mate.so if you can earn £200 per day and you need a hand you just give me a shout.
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