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if you intend to pay subbies or register for vat then you will need one if not then dont bother as after the honeymoon period they charge you. you should get a couple of years free if you shop around. lloyds myself as i find their internet easy.
the tax man can look at any account he want if he wants even your childs trust so dont try 2 hide from him he knows what colour condoms you wear.
SkyZOO said:
nellys right... u dont need 1, my accountant told me not to open 1,, i went for years with out 1 until my bank called me in and made me open 1(robbing (french person)s) i just couldnt say no, for some reason.

Business, by its very nature is adversarial, its two camps competing against each other.

Like when you price a job for someone, you want as much for it as you can get, and the customer wants to pay as little for it as they can, its natural.

Likewise, Banks, dont exist as a service for us they are there to make money from us, its their job.

They will actively encourage you to go down the route of 'what is best for them', and so they should, they are a business like you or me.

But it is your duty to yourself to run your business that is 'in your interest' or at least find a common ground where everyone is making some money, or equally happy with the status quo.

I might come across a bit @rsey sometimes, but when you look at the substance of my posts its allways for the good of 'everyone on our team'.
tex it all said:
thing is i think there all pretty much the same ..down to personal choice like closest to you some give a little here but then take it there...if you do find one what provides extras like good looking bird to sort out account on a monthly basis possibly with a coffee and a cream cake post it on here and iam sure theyll pick up a lot of trade
Fair do's I'm with hsbc and I love goin in there cos every bird that works there is fit as fcuk
If you run your business account through your personal account you are breaking the terms and conditions of your personal account. Not quite sure what the bank would do if they notice that you are running a business through your account other than tell you to open a business account though.
Chris W said:
skyzoo youre back! ;D
thought we'd lost you for a while!

anyway, i was told it was actually illegal to put business proceeds through a personal account, is this not the case then?

hi Chris W mate.... yeah its probably illegal,, when i first started my business i went to my bank and they said to open another personal account and run your business through that for a while, a see how you get on... and i got away if that for about 3 years,,, untill i started earning more money. then i had a phone call from my bank saying that the buisiness manager wanted to see me, they were doing 18month free banking at the time, but he would only give me 12months. to be honest they have been good to me,,, so i cant really complain.
Im a ltd company and we have been banking with barcleys but they are not working in our favour so we have a meeting at natwest tomorrow gonna try them, a mate of mine said he's with hsbc render, and they wouldnt give him a overdraft what sort of overdraft limit does everyone use?
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