breaking up large area`s on lime render job

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how`s the best way to break up large area`s of a lime render job? i`ve got a large house to render,4 side`s in total with a area of 285m2.the customer wants the corners rounded off so not sure the best way to break the panel`s up.
any info would be appreciated.rob
whats your thoughts render systems?
Can you break it up with raised bands? Horizontal bands can look good on the right building :RpS_thumbup:
same for any rendering,you need to think about the area when pricing ....labour ,materials,,access ect..getting yourself some help would be best..
you will only get hassle when you come to put the top coat on really and then not much
I would start forming your curves with the scratch coats then when it comes to finishing place a lath up one edge of the curve and form to this, then strike your batten and the next day run your topcoat into the batten line, your new 2nd day top coat will rub into the batten line ok IMO
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