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Anybody know where this boom is taking place in the country that they keep talking about please
cos I can't find it !!!
turning work away every week right now and most of the spreads I know are doing the same, got a very nice run of work right now but who knows what winter will bring
Don,t knock it guys , but good to see it is picking up ,i have had 1 day off in a month , but as said , who knows what is around the corner
I have two houses, one massive flat ,two flats and a house for three different developers,all good payers but I will have to turn down most of it,
@ Dan, nice if Asif can sort it other wise its Surrey in digs and driving in, make sure you have a good price mate cos whatever you do exs wiil be dear.
Busy up my way, we're 7 days a week with 2 months of work booked in. Not been like this for a long time.
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