big ceiling ...

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Is the ceiling in Plymouth Rich?? Me and my mate are fitting a kitchen in Helston this week but if you need a hand we could come back Thursday night and help you out Friday morning??


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If you want us to come along let me know? earlier the start the better?? by the way, what height is the ceiling at Rich??


I done an 80m2 last week I just joined the bad boy when it was painted you would never tell it was joined don't be affraid rich


I was told by a guy who worked for BG to use Tartaric acid, as BG use it in the manufacter of multi. It does help as I have used it several times


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Some old spread once told me he put a splash of distilled vinegar in his mix if he wanted to hold it off a bit.
Never tried it meself though so can't say if it's any good or not. :-\
sounds like 2 spreads atleast ,if i was u rich get the labourers laying it on aswell inbetween them mixing ,gonna be hard work but you,ll do it [just think of all the drink at the end of it] :p


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why cant you get a few lads on it mate? or are you being a tight ars.e with the money again


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3 men needed to do it in 1 hit mate,i did one a few year back in a golf club house 100m2 x 4 separate celings with pillars fire escape lights down ligters everywhere sign hanging from ceiling the f**k**g lot
3 man reciperical laying (one on mixer).1 putting it on, one following with second coat
One flattening and washing edges (the guy thats mixing in between).
Then first man wet trowel second wet trowel 3rd man polish behind you.
Will take you 3 hrs once scaffold set up mate.
Make H shapes across tresles with planks so you dont need to roll the scaffold!
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