Best Plastering Videos

He’s a farmer from norwich. He thinks hes carlton leech. Absolute mess.
He did seem to be blessing the drywall adhesive to get that bit more out of it! Jeez that’s like another country!?!? I can’t comprehend anything higher than the dartford bridge!
I will just leave this here .........please leave your comments in the boxes below.:coffe:

Ffs! Get back in the kitchen! Stupid women! Did she say her surname was bisby at the start? I wonder if her old man is that other div? Hahahahaha.
It'd be useful to know what was done wrong for idiots like me to learn from :sisi:

Although that last video of the lady plasterer needs no explanation, even I know you plaster the plumbing bits in then get a hammer to knock them out :inocente: (joking, joking!)