Best plasterers ladders?

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Anyone got any reccommendations for the best ladders / set up for getting those awkward high areas such as ceilings n walls above stairways??
Multi ladder, can be very handy,can be used as a platform,steps, ladder, can be very handy on stair wells,and folds down to bout 900mm so dont take up to much room in the van
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No 2 stairwell are the same I have 4 different ladders just make sure they are well made not cheap chinese s**t. Now am in for it twicther will be on my case for calling Chinese folk.
ive got a 2 tier 3M ladder a 2 tier 1.8m ladder and a set of steps. 5/6 different sized planks. use the 1.8m ladders the most as they go up to around 10 feet but fit in the van easily.

theyre about £60 from tool station
I use a multipurpose for the awkward bits, stairwells and stuff, but it has the splayed legs( ooer missus )which I find ideal to rest the hawk if needed.
Had mine for ages but still going strong.

Rock on !
Got me a small aluminium scaffold from wickes some years back , aint seen um about since , great bit of kit ! Any1 else got 1?
Another one here with the multi ladder thing (ladder/steps/tressle), come in very useful over the years.
i find those telescopic ladders most usefull, easy to carry around, and you can choose the hight
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