Beginners guide to Lime Plastering


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Think I may have found someone close to do it, that seems a bit more clued up to doing the job correctly.

Could someone confirm some points that were mentioned above please?

- How would you control suction and ensure a good back ground to plaster too (as mentioned above), is that just purely with water? Obviously no PVA or primers?

- He mentioned over the phone, but without seeing the job, that he thinks it would be a NHL 7.5 mix to build the wall out, then finish with a high impact lime top coat? Does that sound correct?

- He would not mix any cement in with the mix, which is music to my ears.

Thanks, Joe


Hi everyone,

Sorry to elbow in, but also seeking advice on lime plastering as working on a period property in the coming weeks and want to make sure I get the job done right.

Iv read up about the standard lime putty plaster mix, 'scratch coat, float coat, set coat' procedure...which seems somewhat straight forward...

But then what to do when plastering over old walls that have all been painted in modern day paints? As I understand with lime plaster PVA is a no go right?

Some walls have been patched up badly with gypsum, plan is to remove these area's, let the way breathe for a bit then re-plaster walls in lime.(building the deeper area's out with a bit of a scratch coat first)
Just confused on the paint situation and what best brand of lime plaster to order in, seeing a lot on google about 'Lincolnshire lime' not sure if anyone has used these products?
Read the suggestion of Anglia lime on this thread will check their website out.

Thanks in advance!
I did some research before plastering my bedrooms in lime,3 coat work and reskim.
To keep walls “breathable “ nothing but water is to be used ,no pva ,and any modern paint will seal wall as well unless it’s specific for lime plaster.
The product i used to seal walls and provide a key when reskimming over lime finish was silic8 mpl2 vapour open mineral primer with is 100% breathable,and is ludicrously expensive.
If the lime finish is painted with modern paints it’s then been compromised,how much we don’t no ,so you could just prime it and skim with lime and it will look the same as rest of work or (and it’s a bit drastic)remove paint /plaster and redo it from scratch,it depends on where you draw the line .
There was one partition wall that was lathe /horsehair and had been replassterd with gypsum ,I just reskimmed with lime rather than tearing it off and it’s fine again how far do you go ,I was going to use chestnut lathe on new studs but it was a hustle to far and I boarded them and used multi,the lime stuff is fortunes and soon hammered my budget