Royal Spin Doctor
Supermarkets near me are drained dry mate.
We're okay here. Most of Ireland is semi rural. There tends to be one small town in each county. Donegal has two and neither of them are big.

There was a minor panic the other day and the shelves got emptied.

Then they got filled up and things went back to normal.

I've always had a war chest of a couple of months food in anyway. Not exactly hoarding but you know, illness, poverty bad weather, Zombie apocalypse and that sort of thing so I didn't really notice


It’s A Boy
If push comes to shove the butcher sells poitin. It's *ahem* locally brewed so that won't be running out any time soon
gonna see if I can get kids last McDonalds
before ww3 starts over bio warfare
7pm shut down
drive through probably 10 miles long (y) (y)


It’s A Boy
No need for it m8. Panic buying ar all selfish people whith mental health issues. Boris get the army in to sort this country out becouse you cant
I've learnt not to stock up on booze before xmas
gets drunk in a few days :ROFLMAO: