Bauwer light compatible with other lime product


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Would be really interested to hear ideas especially from those who have used it.

Background: We are doing a conversion on a 1900 stone built stable with brick detail. Usually use lime based products and mix our own NHL 2 render. But internally we need insulation this time. So went to buy lime insulating plaster from same provider we always use but pricey and not that great insulation values. So went on internet and saw Bauwer Light. Specs make it look amazing in comparison!!!! But

1. Can we apply Bauwer Light instead of line insulating render, but keep all the other coats the same as we normally use, NHL 2 render as key coat and lime plaster as final coat.

2. In line with keeping rest of process same, we don't typically use mesh, but fibres instead in the render undercoat. The Bauwer system says use mesh before top coats. Is this always necessary.

Cheers Rhys