Baumit lime render.

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Has anyone used Baumit RK 38 internal lime render ?. I am pricing a job for a builder i do quite a bit for and the spec has been changed from traditional lime to baumit.

Has anyone any idea of m2 price for the materials?
Hi Kevin try they are based in Didcot they stock and use the Baumit systems give them a call :RpS_thumbup:
Thanks for that, the job is in Dublin and the only supplier I can find here has closed.I have been thinking about pricing the materials as follows

Baumit RK 38 - €8.50
Beading €1.00
Mesh €.50
Spatter Dash Coat €5.00
LTM 81 €6
Kalglatte €3.50
Accessories €3
Thats € 27.50 a m2 just for the materials !

I will call lime technology in the morning.
I got this job the spec had changed from baumit to shg bauprotec.
The lime render is going over porotherm blocks and machine applied. The internal is finished with a lime skim and the external with an sep04 which finishes like a thin coat.
Is anyone familiar with this system ?
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