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I'm doing my bathroom, and have plastered, multi finish down to just over tape joining the two ,using stick on ordinary sticky joint tape.

Am I right in thinking it should in fact have been aquapanel joint tape stuck down in tile cement.,thus ill have to leave it a day before plastering . Since nothing else will stick

The tile will overlap the plaster by a few inches . This is above bath

If your overlaping your tiles to cover the joint you should be ok,,but it is better if you use 100mm wide mesh on those types of joints with tile addy as you already mentioned, no real biggy though
Ah ok thanks ,

Not wet room, these just tiles above bath.

I did shower one side tile straight onto sand cement, other side aquapanel all taped up with their special tape lol....and wondered why plaster was falling off bit above shower ( took panel all way to top )

So cut it out and put Ord plasterboard there....:rolleyes:
Think warrior has it covered above..

I'm sorry - I'm not sure what the question is here..... sounds like you have done the right thing to me..... yes the Aquapanel Tape is best for joints and bed it with tile adhesive....

Plaster should stick to Aquapanel, but it will dry quicker on Aquapanel than onto plasterboard, so it may crack at the joint if it is not taped - but if the tiles are going over the joint no problems...

Any more problems or questions, post on here over the bank holiday (guess you will have it finished before the end of the bank hol), or call the Knauf Drywall Technical guys on 01795424499 in normal office working hours....

Good Luck

Richard Lord
Knauf - Aquapanel Spec Manager
Yes you can.....

There are several specialist plasters just for use on Aquapanel Interior in wet areas, and Knauf have also a specialist commercial plaster for spray application for swimming pool areas as well....

Gypsum plasters will stick to Aquapanel Interior perfectly well - it will dry in quickly, so best to prime it first...... and joins between plasterboard and aquapanel will be a fairly obvious joint with one coat.....

as above - it you need any more help get in touch with Knauf

good luck!

Knauf UK have a specialist Readymix sprayable product for commercial projects - Knauf Aquapanel Interior Skim

As part of the global Aquapanel range there are also several other products available as well.....

If you are looking at walls closer to a pool or shower/bath (that will get very wet) you would be best to use a thin coat render basecoat and mesh.

If you want more info, get in touch with me (contact details on my profile), or contact Knauf technical on the number earlier in the thread in office hours.
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