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enjoying the kids lingo bubble, is that emoji advising me to keep it strictly bidness ?your a 10,000 plus quote kind of a man , surly not that baffled.

Well first off 'toplabourerhidingbehindafalsename' said:

I'm a labourer/improver from Birmingham, and I've got twice the common sense and three times the skill than most if you boring dickheads put together. What am I labeled as? Just someone trying to plod along and not get bored by you lot in the mean time

To which you responded with this:RpS_unsure:

Love that 'dick head ' **** his busting

I don't know what that means. Were you in favour of what he said or what? That's why I said:

Eh? :RpS_confused:

Leebo smashed it! Uppety little labourer syndrome much not surprised you get a smack i would drown you in a bucket of finish talking like that haha

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Looking for apprentice work in South East just finished my 3 week plastering course. I have taken to it naturally... very high quality for newbie Please call 01702623224 mob not working.


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I've thought about training someone up, but then I think back to the last one and come to my senses:RpS_blink:

I don't think I'd have the patience anymore................ the stress would fkin kill me :-(
So your not taking me on this year bubbles hmm :RpS_thumbsup:
I blame mobile phones
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