Any tips on avoiding lumps while mixing joint compound

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Tried this clean buck et clean tools.

Sometimes it mixes ok other times if forms lumps

tried powder first and water first

using stirrer on a battery drill
always add the powder to the water... I also get the water spinning before I pour the gear in... scrape round the edges when mixing with a bucket trowel...

The stirrer on a battery drill probably is not man enough for the job... you can pick up cheap mixers that will be cheaper than replacing your drill :D
You get lumps when you add too much powder to the water then have to thin it down with more water, that's only way unless you have a bad bag. I can mix it to a lump free consistency using a scraper in a bucket so it's not hard
When you say jointing compound is that joint filler or joint cement. If it's joint cement it's best to mix then leave for a good while then mix again
Just f**k**g eat it pretending it's school semolina (only works if your over 40 years old)
Bit technical this :tonto:

Put water in bucket and add powder mix until lump free voila!

For small amounts just use a scraper to mix.

Simple really.

I'm sure there's a boom for this.
If I were a techno geek I'd make an app, giving instructions on how,to mix stuff up.......(.@ Danny )
Then one day Rodney I'll be a millionaire........