any plasterers in or around banbury, oxfordshire?

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I was just wondering if there's anyone in or around the banbury area who is looking to take on a trainee plasterer?

I've been going it alone for a couple of months now and taking on any small jobs, but I don't want to take on anything bigger until I have the confidence to get it spot on every time!

Would love to learn from someone more experienced. Am very hard working and reliable, and have all my own tools and transport. So if you need a bit of help please give me a shout. :)

Thanks for your time,
Best of Luck Laura, keep posting, threads like this can get missed by people in your area so keep refreshing it from time to time. Best of luck :RpS_thumbsup:
Hi Flea.... / Laura

Give some idea of how far you would be prepared to travel.... Banbury is a bit remote (I know I live in rural NE Northants)...... would you travel to Northampton / Coventry / Oxford / Milton Keynes......? If yes, then there are regular forum members who live in these areas who may call on you from time to time!

Good Luck!!
Hi Laura,caught sight of your post,my name is Ian,plasterer based in Adderbury,just outside Banbury.Most of my work is domestic,based around the Oxfordshire area.

Been going for around 25yrs,have a job starting mid/end Jan 2014,if you are intrested in gaining experience and knowledge,give me a call on mobile 07950720924.

Last year was pretty busy,although a few small gaps between 7 to 10 days a,then another job would come in.

If intrested give me a call,many thanks
Heya, sorry all for the slow reply. Am in the process of moving house from the midlands atm, so am tripping over my own feet and have very limited internet access until Sky pull their finger out!

Yes scissors I'm happy to travel to any of the nearby cities if it means the chance of gaining experience.

And Ian, yes that would be fantastic! I'm moving to Milcombe, which after googling isn't far away from Adderbury at all. I'm away for this weekend, but I'll give you a call on Monday to sort something out. Thanks! :)
hi flea,
i have just joined the site, expect you could be busy by now, im not based to local to you, but in gloucestershire,
all my work is domestic, house renovations, barn conversions etc,
mainly in the central cotswold areas, swindon , cheltenham. northleach, cirencester, and all surrounding areas, oxford now and again but not a massive amount as work is word of mouth,
ive been plastering20+ years since leaving school and doing my yts city and guilds,
quality of the finish is alot more important than speed, that comes with experience,
im usually 7 days a week and late evenings, have 3 or 4 lads that i sub work to, but 1 about to go, and 1 more testing the patience,

if you have spare diary days, and dont mind travelling a bit, drop me a line,
or could sub some rural work nearer you out if all went well,
no problem if your busy,

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