Any gangs available in Warwick for Monday?


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Do we have any gangs available for work in Warwick, starting monday?
You'll need a CSCS card. Primarily partitioning work.

Call 01773 711 404 and ask for James.
I’d stay there mate to be honest, atleast they keep you and your children safe from a certain culture
haha. Yeah here they take no prisoners. Booted straight out. a lot of the guys I've spoken to intimidate me a little when it's discussed
im scared of the roads on leave it till the arseholes have zoomed to work.
then plod in.
while @theclemo lies in bed dreaming of harbios and ugly women lol
Just bought this. So the lads can make me more money while in bed. 2 machines on the go at once now.

O how the other half live
Any gangs available in Warwick for Monday?
But they must have a CSCS card so they will be more than qualified and competent won’t they lol
cant be arsed with al the bullshit of site work cscs card ran out last year and I won’t be renewing it.
Stick to domestic work these days easy money and you don’t have to deal with all the tossers that work on site.
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