and another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust

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if i left the trade, i'd never sell my tools unless i had an accident and lost both hands, even then i'd borrow oasis spatula thing and shove it in my gob. although i'd still need to get it on the wall in the first place...
175 seems a little expensive. Why isnt he including his whisk off the drill maybe he's keeping it as a spare incase the one on his kitchen whisk breaks
I still have my tools, a van in fact I still have a client why would you sell your tools? makes no sense as sometime in later life you going to need to skim a ceiling or do a patch

Wonder if some one has hypped him up,its easy, this is how you get work, this is tools you need.Oops i cant do the F*****g job,sorry for messing up ya kitchen ceiling.
**** off nelly, you may moan but i'm sure you live a good life out of it. so shut the **** up you moaning **** :RpS_wub:
I like the way he says his trowels are broken in yet his whisk has only been used twice:RpS_laugh:
I reckon the poor cnuts been desperate to earn some dosh and thought he'd jump on the bandwagon, soon realising that plastering is no fcukin picnic and he's had to go back to the drawing board! Can't blame him for trying. At least he's smarter than i am lol
cant blame a man for wanting to make money, who doesnt. but its good to know people think its easier than it looks and we all know it isnt
had a bloke with me not long ago who'd done 'a bit' of plastering...

think he got a bit more of an appreciation of the trade after a week with me...

didnt stop him wanting to further his skills though, i must admit..

which, i think, is a good thing...
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