Am I getting lied to about Scraped Textured Render?

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Need some help please?

Trying to get a quote for rendering a house (brick) just to keep the water out.

I want Parex, a few quotes have said I would need a rend aid layer first before applying any Parex.

One quote however has said I don't need it and he can use Parex Scraped Textured Render.

I googled "Scraped Textured Render" and all that came up was K-rend examples.

I don't know if Parex do Scraped Textured Render or not and the guy is lying about it, plus I don't know if a 50 year old brick house would need rend aid or not.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Rendering and all the weep holes in the world will not keep the damp out......keep your house warm and dry.

Render is a choice not a must.


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Rend aid is a weber product. Parex version is microgobetis different to rend aid. A fifty yr old house is going to probably need an algae wash, followed by a render system.


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