All I want for Christmas is a job.

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I have previous experience in plastering and wish to further my skills. I am more than happy to do labouring as long as I'll be trained in plastering. I live in Basildon can travel to London. Please feel free to call me anytime 07837546589
sensible post and comments adam, seems a good eager lad, no idea at all where Basildon is but assume its near lundun,but always remember its a handboard and you will do well in life
Nice to speak to you Adam, I will keep my ears open with the plastering companies I work with in your area and see if i hear of any them looking to recruit and i will get back in touch.
Sell your benefits! It is ok wanting to learn a trade but you are after someone to very kindly give you a future so in return to win this persons heart what in return can you offer?

may sound a daft question but I have had people in the past come to me and quite bluntly say what they want! But then in return whats in it for me? Sell your benefits whatever they may be.
Not open for further replies.