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Hi all, recently seen these walls for a friend, they have been replastered twice, one of the plastererers came back to her and said they’d never seen it before? Cracking occurred within a couple of months and doesn’t sound blown, three walls affected.
I am a plasterer and also haven’t encountered cracking like this. I’m loathe to reskim as I can’t see the background reason it’s happening, they are internal walls and not damp
Any advice gratefully received!
If the walls are solid and not blown like you say then mesh the walls and I would be inclined to bond and skim laying your mesh into the first coat
Those cracks look like more than superficial cracks in the skim coat to me.

I agree. Especially in that last pic, it looks like the skim may have been sheared a bit, not just an ordinary crack.

I’m loathe to reskim as I can’t see the background reason it’s happening,

You've 90% answered your own question.

I feel that needs 'investigating' properly, not 'a 3rd reskim and fingers crossed'.

Another 3mm of skim (even with mesh) isn't really going to be a longterm solution for those cracks.

Gutting for the customer to hack the wall(s) back, but you know what they say:

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Your other option would be to wish them well and walk away....
It's definitely movement. They need to get there insurance company to check it . problem is they could monitor it for a year or more.
I had similar when I moved into my house, the inside walls were built with some shite block which had never been plastered , just painted over( they were old farm workers cottages thrown together after the war and not all that well. Previous owner had skimmed straight over as they appeared to be flat, every mortar line in said rooms cracked in no time. Every room had to be done from scratch
That's actual footage of @JessThePlasterer trying to sort out a wonky cill in that church.
And also possibly how she's going to try and get back indoors tonight after losing her keys when out on the lash?
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