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Hi people
I looked at a job tonight and here is the problem:
My potential customer is stripping wall/lining paper off his hallway walls. The paper has been fixed straight on top of plasterboard
The previous resident (so the new one says), stripped off the wall/lining paper previously but got a bit carried away and then stripped the paper layer off the plasterboard. He says the walls were primed before re papering so he thinks he can get the paper off. (Im doubtful, but) I f he can, gas anyone ever plastered over a plasterboard with the paper layer missing? Can it be done? Any yips ir tricks that help? Or do i advise my customer just to let me reboard it?
Thanks in advance
Yes loads of times .prep it with blue grit first or thistle bond it .if it's rearly bad give itright coat of bonding
Thanks djr.
Ive had little patches of the paper but this guy reckons its whole boards. Never done that. Will give it a go
Pva n skim be sweet . Lay it straight in

Blue grit over kill in my opinion plus means an extra visit