Advice on best plaster for outside facing internal walls.


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Hello, I'm a customer not a plasterer, I'd like to get a consenus on what is my best option regarding some work I'm having done.

I'm looking for some advice on what would be the best plaster type to use on my outside facing internal walls.

I've had a couple of plasterers round and they've given different advice, both have said their method is standard practice, so I've been left a little confused. The house is a 1970-80's council house with concrete block construction, the area gets a lot of damp and driving rain although the house is relatively dry e.g. no obvious signs of damp on the walls but quite a few areas where the old plaster has blown, if you consider that signs of damp. The rooms I'm looking to plaster are a bathroom and bedroom.

Plasterer 1 says sand and cement with a waterproofing compound then skimmed on top.

Plasterer 2 say hardwall/hardcoat? plaster and then skimmed.

Which would be the better option? Would I have issues with mold growth behind the sand and cement if a waterproofing compound is used?




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I would go with plasterer 1 , but key is ventilation in the bathroom area when you are talking about mould .


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I would get a 3rd plasterer to give the option of dab and board.
Then re-post for advise of best option.