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Hi All,

I'm in the process of renovating a cottage which is made of sand stone, i've taken all the external render off as it was blowen.

I now need to find a renderer but also a product that will make this water tight, i've been advised to use Krend/weber as this will help with furture cracking.

I've had a price and at the moment i cant believe how exspensive it is compared to sand and cement finish.

What product would you recommend, what sort of Sq Metre price should i be looking at and who even?

Bristol area.
leave your email address here to be contacted, no prices discussed on this forum,have you considered lime render
Lime is a breathable plaster and it may suit your cottage, the lime guys will be along this evening and give their viewpoints, i am a sand/cement render guy myself..
Basically natural stone needs natural plaster cements seal a building, lime breaths allowing moisture and damp from the stone escape.
Hi Will, sand stone is a soft material therefore sand and cement would be too strong and also suffocate the building. You need to use lime to allow your building to breathe which will help control humidity which will inturn reduce condensation and mould growth inside the cottage. You also have to use lime inside the cotage on your external walls. Lookout for any structural cracks as these will need to addressed prior to rendering, with heli-bar and resin. I would apply a stipple coat to the stone using 1 part lime to 1 part sand, this will provide a good key for the following coats, you could then use 5 parts sand to 2 parts hydraulic lime (nhl 3.5) mixed with hair to scratch, float and finish. Alternatively, you could use a lime system such as Unilit supplied by About Telling Lime | Telling Lime which will undoubtedly be more expensive. Hope this helps.
In order to breath no CEMENT or gypsum should be used. Baissicly nothing modern that seals surfaces soooo pva sbr etc..
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