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hi . i am looking to revamp the outside of my house before i re-design the garden, was thinking K-rend but once looking it up have came across bad reports and also this forum so thought i would join and ask what would be the best option, it is brick and pebble dash at the moment . many thanks for any help


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If there's nothing wrong with the pebble dash why change it? From any distance it'll look the same, just paint it if you want a new colour. John form Yorkshire will tell you it's waste of money unless he wants the job).

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John from Yorkshire would tell him to repoint bricks do what he wants with dash . I.d knock it off n thin coat it


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Dash seems to be like Artex, once popular now reviled, but has done the job for years without any real problems. It's all about design choice - I remember when coloured chippings was a fashion and loads of chancers were covering whole houses in it - usually looked shite.
But used as colour panels and decent render under, such as just a bay or upper storey, it can look fine and better then some other options.
In this case it's panels so either finsh will probably look ok, but if the entire house is done it'll look poor.


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Was thinking something like this .. also attached is a photo from the other side , and looks kinda dirty but it’s just the red stone in the dash ..


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The dash looks to me like Canterbury spar, but why has it got so dirty?
any new render will soon go the same way.


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Krend hasn’t the best name for materials Tbf , Weber is your number , there monocouche system would look mint on that property, also if it ever did start to get dirty from the elements outside it’s a doodle to jet wash any dirt off