Advice - DIY - Cracks (not mine, my walls) :-)


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Sorry if this question has been asked a millions times already.

Doing some renovation work on my house and had the whole house plastered. After a couple of weeks noticed some cracks in the ceilings and the walls. Rang the plasterer who said that its common as plaster shrieks when drying. Did explain that these cracks are the length of the ceiling, and questioned if he use enough tape.

He was supposed to pop over as I noticed that some of the dot and dab walls didn’t have enough behind them and big hollow gaps between them, this caused the plasterboard to flex back and crack. After a few strong words (not answering the phone or not turning up at all) I don’t think he will be coming back again.

So, that’s the background.

I decided to “f it” and give it a go myself. I brought BG Easi Fill 60, fixed the flexing boards. Drilled a few holes and put plaster foam in and filled the cracks and holes with the Easi Fill. Prefect.

Used the same easi fill on the cracks on the ceiling and walls – but not getting as much success.

My steps are:

  • Clean and scrape area
  • Put PVA – feed it in the gap
  • Fill using BG
  • Take off excess
  • Let it dry
  • Sand
  • Paint
Unlike the plasterer the cracks came back. Any ideas? What should I be using? Method?

Thanks in advance.


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Bungalow prices house?

Tungsten scraper drag along to create 2mm ish 20mm channel and cut some fiber fuse tape to fit the width. Seal channel and fit tape with filler.. Toupret is best.
Hide tape below sur so no bump.
Sand and paint.
I wait to here if bungalow as slightly different

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