A bit of a puzzler

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Motoring up the A12 this morning I passed a van with "traditional dryling" sign written on the side, I think the company is called CPL. Now being as I've only got an NVQ I was hoping one of you more advanced lads could tell me **** they mean by "traditional dryling". How long does something have to be around before it's classed as traditional? At what stage does Spunkys sponge float become "traditional"?


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How many generations has drywall been going then, without Googling it, cant be bothered, but i thought the Yanks invented it after WW2 so possibly could qualify as traditional.


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The Ames taping tools were developed in the late 30's/early 40's but what is traditional about plasterboard? Maybe he only works on plasterboards that contain asbestos.
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