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I'm converting a garage into a utility room and want to raise the floor by around 40mm.any ideas on the best(cost effective) self levelling gear to use.
The garage floor is of a latex type finish
weber fine flow if your screeding it. Can you not get away with 20mm insulation with 22mm caber board floating over the top?
Was going to say the same,floating floor,you can also get 18mm flooring that will be ok over insulation due to the weight distribution.:RpS_thumbup:
Weber floor screeds have gone through the roof. I am doing one now that will be 40 mm. I will put large chippings down to 30 mm to keep the cost down then flood it with tek cem gyvlon.
Use screedgiant.co.uk bobby they have all gear
sbr. then a sand and cement screed with sbr additive, laid while the sbr is still wet. flood the screed the next day and cover with poly for 7 days to cure.
CPI screed, what is the min and max depth it can be laid, and whats coverage at these depths. @PFTwales is it any good ?
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Supaflo from Cemex, High Flow from Aggregate Industries, Gypscreed from Hope and Truflo from Tarmac building products can all go in at 40mm. Probably save you a chunk of dosh against self leveling compounds.
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